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on2017-10-13 15:14:09
Mr. Xiekang Yu ,executive Chairman of the China Semiconductor Association (CSIA) integrated circuit branch, came to ASEM for guidance

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(Mr. Xiekang Yu, executive chairman of the CSIA integrated circuit branch, took a group photo with ASEM team.)


In October 12, 2017, Mr. Xiekang Yu ,executive Chairman of the China Semiconductor Association (CSIA) integrated circuit branch, visited Kunshan Eisen semiconductor material Co., Ltd. (ASEM ), Zhang, chairman of ASEM group, led the ASEM team to have a warm reception.

Kunshan Eisen semiconductor material Co., Ltd. joined CSIA in 2014. Zhang, chairman of our company, invited Chairman Yu , a semiconductor expert, to ASEM for guidance , and hope to join the  Jiangsu Semiconductor Association and integrated circuit Packaging Testing strategic alliance and other industry association, and develop diversified exchanges and cooperation with various enterprises in the field of semiconductor material industry, and welcome the members of the association to visit our guidance.

In the conference room,It has been carried out a good and pleasant exchange,and the current status of semiconductor industry, the role of the national integrated circuit packaging testing industrial chain technology innovation strategic alliance and the work of the related industry associations were introduced by chairman Yu. Chairman Yu is fully affirmed that ASEM is the main position in the market of traditional packaging testing tin plating technology and the Bumping process with positive photoresist and adhesion promoter for more than 1 years of client-side mass production application achievement ,and give a high degree of evaluation for Eisen's efforts in the semiconductor material industry. At the same time, he hopes that Eisen will further strengthen its in-depth cooperation with the alliance and association, and continue to make efforts for the localization of semiconductor materials.

For China's semiconductor industry, it is an excellent development opportunity, not only with strategic support from the state, but also with abundant capital support. Eisen should seize the opportunity of relevant support from the national big fund project, increase investment, adjust the layout, realize the transformation and upgrading of the product, and contribute to China's "scientific and technological dream".